After Creating Live Tracking

  • You can always change, adjust and optimise the settings of your Tracking Map. E.g. even after the competition you can modify the start time of your replay or just upload a better track file to show a more accurate race course

  • In case you are unsure with an option and specific settings, just contact us. We help you within one working day.

  • Your live tracking is already active, even if the start time is some time in the future. Test your own Live Tracking. Normally you don't need an extra test map to test Live Tracking.

  • Pay your Tracking Map when you made all settings.

  • Inform your participants about Live Tracking at your sports event. The more athletes know about it, the more will join live tracking.

    • Inform participants using all channels e.g. event website, social media, Internet forums, newsletter, press conference and press release, information flyer in starter bag etc.

    • Tracking page on your website: On your tracking page you provide technical information about tracking for participants and your spectators will quickly find the live stream.