Provide substantial information about your Sports Event e.g. Event Name, Date, Location, Logo and set default Options for your Event Map.

Your Tracking Map will be saved automatically. When pushing "Pay Now" you will get instructions for payment and your unique URL and app link are generated. We can check and adjust your map settings.

More Information about your Live-Tracking

  • Description: Describe your event. The description is shown in the start screen of your map.

Predictive Tracking with detections from timing system


  • enhance your Tracking Map with additional features

  • Add-Ons are billed monthly



Racemap optional provides space for a sponsor logo which forwards to a landing page of your sponsor. Sell attractive advertising space to your sponsors. Spectators see the sponsor logo on smartphones same as on computers.

Data Feed

Map Settings

  • Marker timeout in seconds: Duration to let marker slowly disappear when no location update received from tracking app or GPS tracker. This parameter does not influence battery life of GPS device.

  • Replay speedup (factor): Default speed of the recap of your competition.

  • Units: Is your map supposed to show metric or imperial units.

  • Show all flags: Displays race numbers of the markers of all participants.


Duplicate the complete Tracking Map excluding the participants to save effort for creating several Tracking Maps for one event (contests) or the same Tracking Map every year.