In Map you upload and draw information about your event you want to display in the front end mostly for your spectators e.g. race track, points of interest, transition zone, parking etc.


Upload or drag and drop your race courses (.gpx, .kml, .geojson) into your map. If you choose to upload multiple files each will be added. You can also draw lines to mark a route or a transition zone etc. You can set the shadowtrack property, name, color and the visibility of each line separately.


The shadowtrack enables features and Add-Ons like elevation profile, Predictive Tracking and GPS Timing. One track only can be set as shadowtrack of your Tracking Map. The shadowtrack represents the route on which participants move from the start to the finish. The length of the shadowtrack has to be the same length as the contest e.g. 42,195 km for a marathon.

  • The shadowtrack for a triathlon includes swimming, cycling and running in one continuous line.

  • If participants have to run three laps, then the shadowtrack must include all three laps.

Point of Interest

Place points of interest to mark and highlight something important in your Tracking Map like water station, start and finish etc. You can set the name and the color and select an icon of each point separately.

Elevation Profile

Show or hide the elevation profile in your Tracking Map, set the range of the profile. The elevation profile corresponds to the shadowtrack.


Split your shadowtrack into sections

  • Predictive Tracking: depending on the kind of sport (default speed) and depending on the locations of your timing systems.

  • GPS Timing: depending on the location of the virtual checkpoints

Set Up Splits for Predictive Tracking

Every Tracking Map for predictive live tracking needs its own shadowtrack. In most cases every contest needs its own shadowtrack.

To improve the prediction for events like triathlons you have to split the shadowtrack into sections like swimming, running, biking, transition area, ... . For every section you can set a kind of sport with a default speed corresponding to last year time results.

Set the location of your timing system

In case you use predictive Tracking and your timing system don't forward it's geo location you can set up each location at the shadowtrack.

Add a split for each timing system and add the forwarded Timekeeping ID. Mostly it's the MAC-Address of the hardware.

Settings for GPS Timing

To include interims for the live GPS-Timing you can add splits at the shadowtrack. To take splits into account click the "timekeeping" checkbox.

Detailed information about the GPS-Timing:

Hardware and Detections

Last forwarded detections of race|result timing hardware with your race|result customer ID are shown with transponder ID and timestamp. Just add temporary customer IDs in case of rental hardware.

Only available for race|result timing hardware.

To use the "Show Hardware"-Feature you have to provide your r|r customer ID in your Racemap user profile.


Upload and Download your tracks as GPX, KML or GeoJson File.