Export Data from Racemap

Last updated 21 days ago

With Racemap export service you receive live data every 10 sec for every participant of your Racemap.

With our API feature Racemap provides a data stream for every participant of your event. With this data you can monitor a speed limit or provide live data for TV. Every participant needs either a GPS Tracker or uses our Tracking APP or is calculated with the predictive tracking.

To access the export API use the following URL structure:

https://racemap.com/api/data-1/XYXYXY XYXYXY - Racemap event ID

Racemap event ID is part of the URL in Racemap backend.

The output is comma separated with event info at the begining followed by data for each participant.

{"name":"Test Data Export",
"name":"Max Mustermann",

Codeline 11 to 17 will be refreshed every 10 sec for every participant.


Description [Unit]

startTime, endTime, timestamp

Time in UTC


URL to your Eventlogo


geoJSON of your shadowtrack


elevation [m]


average Speed of the last 100s [m/s}


current distance from the start along shadowtrack [m]


current distance to the finish along shadowtrack [m]

The Event must have a shadow track for the data export.