Export API for automated Precessing

Through Racemap export service you receive live data every 10 sec for every participant of your Racemap.

The tracking map must have a shadowtrack to calculate all parameters of data export.

With our export API Racemap provides a data stream for every participant of your event. With this data you can monitor a speed limit or provide live stats as speed, gap between participants, ... for TV broadcasting. Example: https://racemap.com/api/data-1/5a535fdf787fe25ece1a0cc8

To access the export API of your event use the following URL:

The output is comma separated with event info at the begining followed by data for each participant.

{"name":"Test Data Export",
"name":"Max Mustermann",

Codeline 11 to 17 will be refreshed every 10 sec for every participant.


Description [Unit]

startTime, endTime, timestamp

Time in UTC


URL to your Eventlogo


geoJSON of your shadowtrack


elevation [m]


average Speed of the last 100s [m/s}


current distance from the start along shadowtrack [m]


current distance to the finish along shadowtrack [m]