Create a Tracking Map

At least two but no more than six Tabs to create a Tracking Map for a Sports Event in Racemap.

Overview: Set-Up a Tracking Map

Couldn't be easier creating and hosting a Tracking Map with Racemap editor

To create a tracking map navigate: “Your events” » “Create Event (Expert mode)”

"Your events” » “Create Event (Expert mode)” to set-up a Tracking Map
Six Tabs in Racemap Backend to create a Tracking Map, * required Tabs



Essentials *

Provide essential information e.g. event name and date

Map *

Upload and draw information your map is supposed to show e.g. race track, points of interest, transition zone, parking, ...


Upload the shadowtrack which is invisible in the map. The shadowtrack enables


table to organize particpants and devices for your live tracking

Set-up the API to link to external participant data


Generate tracking keys for your tracking map