Tab Shadowtrack

The shadowtrack describes exactly what participants do from start to finish. It enables features like ranking, distance & elevation statistics, predictive tracking. Is invisible in the tracking map.

The shadowtrack keeps the exact information of the race course the participants are supposed to cover during the race. It has no interruption - a continuous line. That means the length of the file is the exact lenght of the race. The shadowtrack must combines legs/ stages and laps in one file:

  • The shadowtrack for a triathlon includes the three legs of swimming, cycling and running. Separate files for each leg will not work for the algorithm to follow.

  • If the participant has to run three laps, the file has to consider three laps.

Your race has 9 laps? Than the shadowtrack needs to provice 9 laps, too.

Set Up Splits for Predictive Tracking‚Äč

Every tracking map for predictive live tracking needs its own shadowtrack. In most cases every contest needs its own shadowtrack.

To improve the prediction for events like triathlons you have to divide the shadowtrack into sections like swimming, running, biking, transition area, ... . For every section you can set a default speed corresponding to last year time results.

Set-Up of Splits and switch from Default Speed to Duration
Check whether the duration for the section is plausible

The splits are displayed on your shadowtrack. That way you can parameterize your shadowtrack, precisely.

Show Hardware Feature

detail of a shadowtrack around the transition zone, splits like "Transition 1" & a Decoder

Only available for race|result timing hardware.

To use the "Show Hardware"-Feature you have to provide your r|r customer ID in your Racemap user profile.

With the "Show Hardware"-feature you check the settings of your hardware (Track Boxes, Decoders, Loop Boxes), of r|r and of Racemap some days before the event.

Monitor: Click to show detections Racemap receives from your r|r hardware
Location of your hardware in relation to the shadowtrack

Set the location of your timing system

In case you use predictive Tracking and your timing system don't forward it's geo location you can set up each location at the shadowtrack.

Add a split for each timing system and add the forwarded Timekeeping ID. Mostly it's the MAC-Address of the hardware.

Settings for GPS Timing

To include interims for the live GPS-Timing you can add splits at the shadowtrack. To take splits into account click the "timekeeping" checkbox.

Detailed information about the GPS-Timing: