Tab Participants

table to organize all particpants and devices for your live tracking.
list to manage participants for your live tracking

You can edit the parameters "Startnumber" and "Name" for each participant of your tracking map.

Information for Predictive Tracking

  • Only athletes with transponder ID in race|result11 will be loaded into starter list.

  • Add specific track boxes to the Tracking Map to display the location of your hardware. That way you can coordinate your staff working at the race ground. Keep in mind: No need to add Track Boxes to the Tracking Map to consider these boxes for the algorithme. This happens automatically in Racemap.

Import of Participant Data

detailed information about mechanism to import participants data:

Upload with CSV-File

Upload with CSV-File

With CSV-File you can upload many participants at once. It's also possible to match the name and race number with Tracking Keys.

Import from race|result 11

Refers to participant data (name, race number etc.), forwarding start- & finish reads from time keeping, configuration for predictive tracking.

  • fill in r|r Event ID - green: Racemap can access the r|r event; red: access denied

  • select corresponding contests to pull specific participants into your tracking map

  • link to r|r participant file is displayed

Multi Stage Events with one participant file: Prevent overwriting the start and finish times in already finished stages with data from the running stage. Remove the API to r|r 11 for each finished stage e.g. delete the contest in the integration tab.

Import from other Systems - Generic Import

Insert URL of participant file - green: Racemap can access file; red: access denied

Settings for Predictive Tracking

Activate Algorithm for Prediction

check “Is a trackping event”

activate predictive live tracking based on data from time keeping and based on TrackPings

System Test Feature

To use the "System Test"-Feature you have to provide your r|r customer ID.

With the "System Test"-feature you check your settings of r|r 11 and of Racemap some days before the event. Racemap sends an emulated Track Ping to r|r 11 and when your forwarding settings in r|r 11 are correct, r|r forwards this ping back to Racemap.