At the Race Ground

How to strategically deploy the hardware to ensure a good predictive live tracking

You can work offline with online forwarding activated, or online directly, depending on the quality of your internet connection on-site.

How to place Track Boxes?

Think of strategic locations for your TrackBoxes, decoders and LoopBoxes along the race course of your contests.

  • 1st and 2nd TrackBox approx 0,5 and 1 km behind the start.

  • Place boxes that way the algorithm receives data every 10 min for every transponder.

  • Contest with more or less equal speed: place boxes equidistance.

  • Last box 1 to 0,5 km before finish.

  • Live track swimming events when putting TrackBoxes on buoys. eg.

transition area:

  • T_in and T_out with decoders or with LoopBoxes

  • Keep away TrackBoxes > 200 m from transition area. Too many pings from transition effects unnecessary data.

sections / splits on the shadowtrack to predict a change of speed eg. swimming » running:

  • 1st trackbox be placed after about 1-1,5 min

  • 2nd trackbox after about another 1-1,5 min

  • for bike section: 1st box at 0,5-1,0 km and 2nd box after 1,0-1,5 km

  • for running section: 1st box at 0,5 km and 2nd box after 0,5-1,0 km