Racemap Prediction

Racemap settings for predictive live tracking with data from timekeeping.

1st step: Create one tracking map for each contest of your event.

Every section / step to create a tracking map provides an extra paragraph with settings and hints for predictive tracking.

How does Prediction work?


decoder reads considered for prediction only, when

  • time setting in race|result 11 is as UTC format

  • tracking map and race|result 11 settings with corresponding date

  • set start time in race|result 11 within time frame (> start time, < end time) of corresponding tracking map in Racemap

  • consideration of Loop Box reads

  • The pings our system receives from race|result 11 contain the location of the hardware. There is no need to define the location of Track Boxes, Decoders and Loop Boxes in racemap.

  • The hardware location is automatically projected to the appropriate location on the shadowtrack.

  • One Track Box can assign several locations on the same shadowtrack eg. in loops. That means this box produces more data for the prediction.

Rules for Visualisation

  • Participants appear in live visualisation with 2nd ping. Eg. when algorithm receives the start detections with no delay, the markers show up at the 1st Track Box which is placed 0.5 - 1 km from the start.

  • In replay participants show up directly from the start location.

  • auto recalculation of the replay when event is finished

Algorithm & Prediction

  • Track boxes within 30 m distance to the shadowtrack are projected on the track. If your box is located 35 m from the track the algorithm will ignore the pings from this box.

  • One track box can detect pings for several contests (shadowtracks) at the same time. The algorithm assigns the pings to the correct shadowtrack, as algorithm knows from data import which transponder belongs to which contest.

  • Extrapolation of average speed until algorithm receives ping from next box position

  • Fitting of extrapolated speed depending on gap between virtual (dot in map) and real participant

  • As track boxes does not detect every transponder, virtual marker in the map goes on moving over the location of following boxes.

  • Pings from moving boxes (eg. on car of race director or on a boat) are taken into account of real-time prediction.

  • You have to set speed values of sections / splits in the shadowtrack tab. That values are taken into account to improve the prediction e.g. for triathlons.

  • Maximum filter: pings with a two times faster average speed than your set speed value of the section are ignored.

  • Minimum filter: pings with a 0.1 slower average speed than your set speed value of the section are ignored.

System Check Features

Work with these features to control the settings of your hardware (Track Boxes, Decoders, Loop Boxes), of r|r 11 and of Racemap some days before the event

  • Show Hardware Feature: monitor forwarded detections and monitor the location of your hardware in relation to the shadowtrack

  • System Test: sending emulated pings to r|r 11 and when your forwarding settings in r|r 11 are correct, r|r forwards ping back to Racemap