Racemap Settings

Last updated 21 days ago

Racemap settings for predictive live tracking with data from time keeping.

Create one tracking map for each contest of your event.

Every tracking map with predictive live tracking needs its own shadowtrack.

How does Prediction work?

  • consideration of decoder reads: start-, split and finish reads are important for a good live prediction and a good replay. Make sure you activate the forwarding of detections in r|r 11.

  • participants appear with 2nd ping in live visualisation. When algorithm receives the start reads with no delay, the dots show up at the 1st TrackBox.

  • In replay participants show up from the start location.

  • auto recalculation of the replay when event is finished

  • TrackBoxes and decoders are projected automatically on the shadowtrack.

  • TrackBoxes within 30 m distance to the shadowtrack are projected on the track. If your box is located 35 m from the track the algorithm will ignore the pings from this box.

  • One TrackBox can detect pings for several contests (shadowtracks) at the same time. The algorithm assigns the pings to the correct shadowtrack.

  • extrapolation of average speed until algorithm receives TrackPing from next box position

  • fitting of extrapolated speed depending on gap between virtual (dot in map) and real participant

  • Pings from moving boxes (eg. on car of race director) are taken into account.

  • Speed values of sections / splits in the shadowtrack are taken into account of prediction model, which improves prediction e.g. for triathlons.

How to place TrackBoxes?

Think of strategic locations for your TrackBoxes and decoders along the race course of your contests.

  • Place 1st and 2nd TrackBox approx 0,5 and 1 km behind the start.

  • Place boxes that way that algorithm receives data every 10 min for every transponder.

  • Contest with more or less equal speed: place boxes equidistance.

  • Place last box 1 to 0,5 km before finish.

  • You can live track swimming events when putting TrackBoxes on buoys. eg. https://racemap.com/player/wa-open-water-swimming-series-race-8_2019-01-25/

transition area:

  • T_in and T_out with decoders

  • Keep away TrackBoxes > 200 m from transition area. Too many pings from transition effects unnecessary data.

  • sections / splits on the shadowtrack to predict a change of speed eg. swimming » running:

    • 1st trackbox be placed after about 1-1,5 min

    • 2nd trackbox after about another 1-1,5 min

    • for bike section: 1st box at 0,5-1,0 km and 2nd box after 1,0-1,5 km

    • for running section: 1st box at 0,5 km and 2nd box after 0,5-1,0 km

Pricing of Predictive Tracking

  • This pricing model will be implemented into Racemap backend soon.

    • a contest with 100 participants is about 30,00 EUR

    • a contest with about 10.009 participants is about 1.233,40 EUR

    • options like bandwidth, sponsor logo or monitoring to be charged additional

  • We are open to support test events, when we need the data or when we are uncertain if the prediction will be good.

pricing of predictive live tracking depends on the number of transponders