Tab Basics

Provide substantial Information about your Sports Event e.g. Event Name, Date, Location, Logo and set default Options for your Event Map.

Just save your tracking map, when you have provided all required information (*). When saving your map unique URL, app link and event ID are generated. We can check and adjust your map settings. When pushing "Order Racemap" you will be forwarded for payment to your paypal account.

Racemap Tracking Package

Extensive description of our tracking packages:

  • Data Source,

  • Use Case,

  • Visibility - How do spectators reach the live map?

  • Access - You control how participants join live tracking through Racemap App.

  • Price Structure and Balance.

You decide and select, which live tracking package * fits best to your sports event or adventure project.

Select the best Tracking Package for your Event.

Checkboxes to adjust Accessibility

  • Exclusive for GPS trackers: Athletes can join live tracking with GPS trackers only; live tracking is not supported through Racemap app. Spectators still keep track to the race in our app.

  • Require key to join live tracking in Racemap App: Athletes need to activate live tracking in their app with a tracking key. Activation of live tracking is very easy. Spectators keep track of the race without a key. You download the tracking keys for your event in the tab keys.

  • Event is private: Makes your event disappear from the public event list on and in our app. With this option you can hide your tracking map until you are ready with your settings.

  • Tracking Map with Shadowtrack: Simple live tracking works without a shadowtrack. If you want your tracking map with more features, you need to upload the shadowtrack for your contest.

More Information about your Live-Tracking

  • Name of Event *: is used to generate the URL

  • Location of Event *: e.g. displayed in event tile of our tracking app, you can use emojis to display flags

Event Tile in Racemap Tracking Map - Use Emojis to display Flags etc.
  • Start- and End time *: date and time needed, check correct settings for time zone of your event and hover UTC time format

  • Kind of Sport *: Select the type of sports corresponding to your event

  • Event summary: Describe your event. The description is shown in the start screen of your map.

  • Logo for Event *: Upload a logo for your event, that is shown in the event tile.

Player Options

  • Type of the map: Select a mapbox style as default from terrain, satellite, hybrid and night.

  • Marker timeout in seconds: Duration to let marker slowly disappear when no location update received from tracking app or GPS tracker. This parameter does not influence battery life of GPS device.

  • Replay speedup (factor): Speed of the recap of your competition.

  • Units: Is your map supposed to show metric or imperial units.

  • Show all flags: Displays race numbers of the markers of all participants.

  • Pin starters to the track: For this feature an accurate shadowtrack is required.

Settings for Predictive Tracking

A shadowtrack is needed for predictive live tracking. Check "Require keys to join live tracking in Racemap App" to prevent that everybody is able to join the live tracking with Racemap App.

Additional Admin Features

Add Editor: Share the backend access to a tracking map with other users, typing their Racemap name into the search field. The original editor of the event remains the first editor. In this example "Konrad" is the original editor, who invited "K. Treppe" to edit this event.

Add "Christoph" as an Editor: Type the Racemap Name and the Search Bar offers Entries