Data APIs for live geodata

Real-time information of location, distances, gap, arrival (eta), results, or geofence detections for any applications like alerts (speed, distance), TV graphics, live ranks & results, newsletters.

  • Data in the APIs calculated with each query up to every 1 sec.

  • Data processed from GPS trackers, tracking apps, uploaded activities, and locations from predictive tracking.

  • APIs provide the latest data from each device. That means if a GPS tracker loses connection the information from its last update is kept in the API.

page*/current, location datapage*/distance and locationspage*/times, reads and raw datapage*/ranks, ranking and resultspage*/starters, athlete data

For each API there is a sample of a running event and a past event. Use the samples for effortless testing of your applications with data from the APIs.

Live sample: Real geodata from 50 GPS trackers on a 100 km track. The sample automatically restarts playing live.

Past sample: Real geodata from 20 GPS units (GPS trackers, uploaded activities, and tracking apps) on a 100 km track.

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