Data APIs for live geodata
Use information such as geolocations, distance, gap, eta, results, or geofence detections for your applications like alerts (speed, distance), TV graphics, live ranks and results, newsletters.
The APIs provide the latest data of each device in one event - GPS trackers, tracking apps, uploaded activities, and locations from predictive tracking. The data is calculated with each query up to every 1 sec.
For each API there is a sample of a running event and a past event. Use the samples for effortless testing of your applications with the APIs.
Live sample: Real geodata from 50 GPS trackers on a 100 km shadowtrack. Every eight hours the sample restarts playing live from the beginning.
Past sample: Real geodata from 20 GPS units (GPS trackers, uploaded activities, and tracking apps) on a 100 km shadowtrack.
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