*/current, location data

API with processed real-time geolocation data, for TV graphics, speed monitor, gap time calculation, ...


URL https://racemap.com/api/data/v1/:eventId/current Method GET

Live sample https://racemap.com/api/data/v1/6336f41309be310001a5894b/current Corresponding map https://racemap.com/player/100KmDuathlon2018_API-liveSample

Optional query parameters

Set various query parameters according to your need when calling the API endpoint, e.g. in order to smoothen gap values.

You can call the same API endpoint with different query parameters at the same time. You can also combine queries with & in one call eg. https://racemap.com/api/data/v1/6336f41309be310001a5894b/current?liveDelay=600&interpolation=false&currentSpeedDuration=600&deviceId=6336f41309be310001a58977


Event object

FieldDescription [unit]Sample


Name of event

"100km Duathlon"





Start time in UTC



End time in UTC



Array for participant objects

Participant object

FieldDescription [unit]Sample


Unique Racemap ID of participant




"CLV Megware"


Bib number



User-defined ID with imported participant data, Generic API (importId) or RACE|RESULT API (Id)

"UniqueImportId_1" or "null" if no importId exists


Object for real-time location data

null if no locations within startTime and endTime

Current object

  • current-object provides the latest data

  • (*) calculated only for events with a shadowtrack, projection of device locations on the shadowtrack within 100 m distance from shadowtrack

  • gapAverage, gap, gapChase and gapDistance are calculated for the leader by default. Leader: device with the smallest toFinish value. Attention: Each time a leader reaches the finish the device closest to the finish becomes the new leader. The speed value of the next leader may impact fluctuating gap values. Reference: If query with deviceId or startNumber, then calculation with reference values instead of leader.

FieldDescription [unit]Sample


Timestamp in UTC when geolocation was recorded, if interpolation=true then linear interpolation between the latest two points



Current longitude of participant






Altitude above zero on shadowtrack [m]

85.2 or null if device is not on shadowtrack


Average speed [m/s] depending on currentSpeedDuration.

If event has a shadowtrack, than projection on shadowtrack.

If event without shadowtrack, than same value as speedRaw.



Average speed [m/s] depending on currentSpeedDuration. Calculation with interpolated raw coordinates.


fromStart *

Distance from first geolocation of shadowtrack along shadowtrack [m]


toFinish *

Distance to last geolocation of shadowtrack along shadowtrack [m]


distanceToShadowTrack *

Distance from shadowtrack [m] if more than 100 m


eta *

Estimated time of arrival [s], time to reach last geolocation of shadowtrack, prediction with speed


gapAverage *

Duration [s] to reach current toFinish value of the leader, prediction with leader's average speed for current segment between device and leader.

2360.36 or null if reference is behind device, toFinish of reference is greater than toFinish of device

gap *

Duration [s] to reach current toFinish value of the leader, prediction with speed value of leader, if speed < 1 km/h then prediction with default speed value of the event,

1205.68 or -581.20 if reference is behind device

gapChase *

Duration [s] to reach current toFinish value of the leader, prediction with speed value of device, if speed < 1 km/h then prediction with default speed value of the event

968.81 or -73.02 if reference is behind device

gapDistance *

Distance [m] to reach current toFinish value of the leader.

3364.91 or -554.03 if reference is behind device

Sample response

  "name": "Sample live API | 100km Duathlon",
  "location": "🇩🇪 Dresden",
  "startTime": "2022-11-21T10:13:31Z",
  "endTime": "2022-11-21T14:12:55Z",
  "starters": [
      "id": "6336f41309be310001a5894c",
      "name": "🔥 Flaming 🔥 Sideburns 🔥",
      "startNumber": "001",
      "importId": "UniqueImportId_1",
      "current": {
        "time": "2022-11-21T14:04:30.421Z",
        "lng": 13.878789334666667,
        "lat": 51.070914418,
        "elv": 244,
        "speed": 5.614035087719298,
        "speedRaw": 4.273781783603631,
        "fromStart": 47792.806666666664,
        "toFinish": 50567.193333333336,
        "distanceToShadowTrack": 6.6575740360137345,
        "eta": 9007.281,
        "gapAverage": 2768,
        "gap": 2071.573,
        "gapChase": 2213.993,
        "gapDistance": 12429.438666666669
      "id": "6336f41309be310001a58977",
      "name": "Vorausfahrer",
      "startNumber": "📢",
      "importId": null,
      "current": {
        "time": "2022-11-21T14:04:30.421Z",
        "lng": 13.819698388666668,
        "lat": 51.10816512466666,
        "elv": 239,
        "speed": 6,
        "speedRaw": 5.752663856878707,
        "fromStart": 60222.24533333333,
        "toFinish": 38137.75466666667,
        "distanceToShadowTrack": 4.357202339570443,
        "eta": 6356.292,
        "gapAverage": 14,
        "gap": 0,
        "gapChase": 0,
        "gapDistance": 0
      "id": "6336f41309be310001a5897e",
      "name": "Harzer Roller Club",
      "startNumber": "022",
      "importId": null,
      "current": null

Smoothen values in the API

The below parameters and settings smoothen the values in the API.

  • Call the gapAverage value instead of gap value

  • Interpolation=true

  • Query parameter currentSpeedDuration

Use gapAverage instead of gap if you need smoothly changing gap values e.g. for TV production.


Use case

Values changing smoothly with each call

Latest values with a minimum delay


Linear interpolation between latest coordinate in the time grid and the coordinate before

Latest coordinate without interpolation from the time grid

Refresh rate

Up to 1 sec

Report interval of GPS device

Recommended interpolation interval

report interval of GPS device

report interval of GPS device

Recommended liveDelay

5 sec + interpolation interval

5 sec minimum

Increase the currentSpeedDuration query parameter to smooth the speed values in the API.

Subsequent calculations

You can calculate on your side using the */current API.

Gap distance between two participants: fromStart (participant 1) - fromStart (participant 2)

Gap duration between two participants:

  • option 1: gapAverage (participant 2) - gapAverage (participant 1) => value with flatten peaks

  • option 2: eta (participant 2) - eta (participant 1)

  • option 3: gap (participant 2) - gap (participant 1)

Identify the leader: the smallest value of toFinish

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