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Import participant data

Synchronize participants' data from your timekeeping system or online registration with Racemap.
  • Keep the participant list up-to-date and prevent mistakes.
  • Use your system to add tracking devices (GPS trackers, transponders, decoders, track boxes) to specific athletes. Synchronize the tracking devices with Racemap.
  • Manage participant information such as name, race number, key, status (DNF, DSQ, DNS), start- and finish time, and much more.
Import athletes from various sources in the participants section >> import/export
Organize athletes for live tracking

Import and visibility rules

Import of Racemap keys: Only those keys are imported, that belong to the Racemap event.
To show a participant in the visualization its device id must be known. The visibility of different devices depends on the activation of predictive tracking:
Device id
Predictive tracking
NO predictive tracking
IMEI of GPS tracker
Id of tracking app
Id of uploaded activity
Transponder code
➖ participants with a transponder id are not shown