Import Data from CSV File

With CSV-File you can upload many participants at once. It's also possible to match the name and race number with Tracking Keys.
Participants table from CSV-File below

With the CSV file upload and download, you add participants and devices to your Tracking Map and keep your participants list up-to-date. Therefore, the table generates a unique ID for each participant. The workflow to update the entries using the CSV file:

  • Download the current version of the list (includes IDs automatically).

  • Modify or add information in the CSV file e.g. race number, name, color, IMEI or App ID, Key.

  • Cells can be left empty.

  • Upload the CSV file with the latest version of the list. No need to delete entries as they are refreshed corresponding to their unique ID.

  • It is not possible to delete entries through the CSV upload. You can only add or refresh the entries in your list.


description [unit]


race number of participant


name of participant (firstname lastname)


App ID, IMEI and transponder code of used device


device type of used device


kind of device (e.g. mobile or tracker)


color of marker in Tracking Map


generated key in Racemap for Live Tracking