Import with CSV file

Upload participants' data with your local CSV file, download the participant list from Racemap as CSV file, also.

Use CSV files

Import participants' information or add devices with a local CSV file using the up- and download feature. Download the participant list as a CSV file for further processing in your systems. The table generates a unique ID for each participant (starter_id).

Workflow to update and add entries in the participant list:

  • Download current version of participant list, includes starter_id automatically.

  • Modify or add information in downloaded CSV file e.g. race number, name, color, IMEI or App ID, key.

  • Upload reworked CSV file. Entries in Racemap event updated corresponding to starter_id.

  • Not possible to delete entries, that way.

Format of your CSV participant file

Participant file in the editor
  • parameters semicolon-separated

  • any sequence of parameters

  • use needed parameters, only (no need for all parameters in the file)

  • empty cells accepted




race number respectively bib of participant


name of participant


App ID, EMEI or transponder ID of device


specific model e.g. "GL300"


App, GPS tracker or RFID transponder


color of dots in tracking map, hex code


no import, if key does not belong to Racemap event


unique ID of each entry in the participant list