Tracker management

Dashboard for efficient handling of multiple tracking devices. Prepare GPS units for live tracking before a race, monitor and adjust the hardware during an event, and analyze data afterward.

Access your devices in the tracker management

Whether you're managing numerous trackers or overseeing multiple users of your GPS units across various events, the tracker page offers valuable insights into device status, streamlining your workflow and reducing reaction time. The tracker management enhances your operational capabilities and provides a central hub for managing your GPS devices seamlessly. The tracker dashboard includes:

  • Overview of all devices: Get a comprehensive view of all your devices, providing a quick snapshot of their current status.

  • Filters for quick selection: Utilize filters to swiftly find and select specific units based on your criteria, enhancing efficiency in device management.

  • Detailed device information: Access detailed information for each device, allowing you to monitor configuration, battery status, reception, GPS fix and other relevant metrics.

  • Messaging platform: Use the platform to send messages, facilitating communication with the devices.

Select specific devices in the above section of the dashboard and click ⚙️ for possible actions. The action always applies to all devices in the selection section.

Actions in the tracker management:

Add GPS trackersSend commandsAdd devices to eventUser access to devices

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