Leaderboard with Timestamps

Interactive results providing live rank, and real-time scoring. With virtual splits and geolocation data from each participant. For virtual race as well as for regular events.

Description of Leaderboard

Leaderboard calculates timestamps from geolocation data based on virtual splits / geofences, real-time

Flexible Leaderboard - Activities from anytime and from everywhere:

  • net results: difference from 1st timestamp (start location), independent from if participants start

    • anytime, like a virtual race or

    • at nearly the same time, like a regular event.

  • calculating timestamps from geolocations of each participant

    • either without given race track like a virtual race, participants provide activities "from everywhere" => virtual timestamp if GPS device has covered the distance of the split

    • or participants are supposed to move on given route from start- to finish location => virtual timestamp if GPS device passes split in 100 m distance from shadowtrack


  • effortless timestamps with virtual splits and geolocations of each participant, no timing hardware

  • velocity filter: distances with too high velocity are not considered in Leaderboard depending on kind of sport of each event

  • 10 sec auto update

  • timestamps with 1 sec accuracy

  • scales to the largest events with more than 2,000 participants such as Damloop https://racemap.com/timing/dam-tot-damloop-home-edition-10em_2020

  • select elements in your Leaderboard

    • download CSV file with timestamps of all participants, more about CSV

    • live status showing if a participant is currently active,

    • progress with current distance.

  • unique URL for each Leaderboard to embed on 3rd party pages e.g. racemap.com/timing/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05


Effortless proof of activity - Athletes contribute their activities using any device

Investigation the accuracy of Leaderboard

Comparison of Leaderboard against professional timing solution at 100km-Duathlon, extensive description of this project in our blog.

comparison shows:

  • Leaderboard provides results from geolocations and virtual splits with low effort, no timekeeping system needed

  • same sequence of the scoring with Leaderoard and with professional timing solution

  • accuracy depending on tracking interval of GPS device, deviation of less than a minute

Best Practice

Leaderboard without given track (Virtual Race)

Virtual challenge with a global activity map and a Leaderboard for individual workouts

Connect athletes in an overall map from where they are and compare their activities in a Leaderboard. Participants contribute their exercises at anytime and from everywhere. The virtual race provides a leaderboard to compare individual workouts of every participant and a Tracking Map showing the current location and the replay to verify specific activities.

Evidence of activity with geolocation data regardless of time, location and segments

  • From everywhere e.g. a participant in Norway and another athlete in Germany feed their activities into the same event.

  • Participants provide their activities at anytime within the Start- and End Time of the virtual race.

  • Participants accumulate activities, e.g. 5k on Monday and another 8k on Wednesday.


  • If a participant contributes more than the "Target Distance", the fastest 10km distance of all its activities is considered for the finish time.

  • considering duration of activity when receiving location updates: If participant stops recording its activity due to a break, the break is ignored in the Leaderboard.

  • Set the parameter "Marker Timeout" (default 180 sec) to process received location data. If a GPS device stops reporting locations for more than the Marker Timeout (180 sec), then the distance between these two locations is ignored. That means participants can contribute their Monday workout and add their Wednesday training also.

Test a free virtual race right away!

Leaderboard for regular event with given route

Prevent unintentional start- and finish timestamps

If participants wait before starting their race and the GPS device already records and sends locations close to the start split, then the "start" timestamp can be triggered too early. To prevent unintentional start- and finish detections just move the location of the start split 100 m along the shadowtrack (100 m behind real start area). finish split: 100 m before real finish area.

Ensure mapping from the start split

For recording a timestamp at the start split the algorithm needs to map the location of the real start area to the virtual "start" split on the shadowtrack. If the 1st location the algorithm receives from a device is closer to lap three then this device is mapped into lap 3 with the wrong distance on the shadowtrack.

shadowtrack too close to start area causes problems with mapping

User story lap counter

Virtual splits for ionoca E-Car race of the ecoGrandPrix series

  • as a real-time lap counter, Leaderboard

  • to measure the duration for charging the cars

  • to detect the finish.

Therefore shadowtrack with 60 laps and one split @ charging zone_in and another split @ charging zone_out for each lap, which means this event was running with 120 virtual splits. All information was provided through a live page https://live.ecograndprix.com/.