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Keep track of participants. Assistance for the race office. Dashboard with clear & reliable information for safety- and coordination purposes. Live data of what matters most during the event.
Basic features of the monitor: status, alerts and interactive maps showing all coordinates
Check the monitor of the 100km-Duathlon around Dresden:
  • 10 seconds auto-refresh.
  • Live data from GPS trackers and from tracking apps.
  • Considers coordinates within the start- and end time of the event.
  • Clipboard specific locations, format: 50° 56' 46.3920" N, 13° 53' 37.0680" E
The better the geodata from the applied GPS devices the more accurate the information in the monitor. Due to the more accurate data, we recommend using Pro GPS trackers when working with the monitor.

Progress overview

The progress is automatically determined for each device respectively for each participant within the start- and finish time of the tracking map.
Visualization of the progress of all devices in the monitor
On or Off
Locations sent from the last point of the shadowtrack
Device switched on or off
On track
Locations sent from shadowtrack within 100 m distance
On or off
Not started
Locations sent, but no location from shadowtrack
On or off
Light grey
No locations sent, yet
For Finished-, On track- and "Not started"-status the tracking map needs a shwodowtrack.

Alerts and notifications

The notifications in the alert stream are linked to the corresponding device.
Notifications are generated separately for each device in the event with the information
  • Type of the alert
  • Participant or device that caused the alert
  • Timestamp & coordinate of the latest trigger
  • Number of how often the alert was caused
Type of alert
Pro GPS tracker, auto-detection
8 hrs before start- & 8 hrs after end time of event
SOS button on GPS tracker pressed
8 hrs before start- & 8 hrs after end time of event
Battery charge < 20 %, is shown one time every 24 hrs
within start- & end time of event
No movement
average speed in past 5 min * < min speed of event * < 1 km/h (= 80 m) if min speed is 0 km/h
Moved distance > 80 m in past 5 min
within start- & end time of event
Away from track
Location with distance from shadowtrack > 100 m
Location with distance from shadowtrack < 100 m
within start- & end time of event
Power off
Either manual power button or device shuts down due to battery
within start- & end time of event
In order not to needlessly claim the attention of the staff we filter alerts in the monitor: Within a 500 m radius around the 1st and the last point of the shadowtrack (~ close to start- and finish area) "away from track"- and "no movement"-alerts are ignored.
*Crash-, SOS- and battery alert is provided for devices with tracker management subscription.
Crash- and SOS alerts are sent as an email to all editors of the tracking map, additionally. You don't miss an important alert when not watching the monitor all the time.

Parameters in the monitor

The information is shown in the monitoring dashboard for all devices.
Light grey, grey, blue or green
Progress status
Race number, name
From participant list
Device type
Mobile, tracker or upload
Device name
From tracker management
Imported participant information
Notification (⚠️) or no notification
Hover last notification in past 5 min
Online or offline
Reception to cellular network
Battery status
Distance [km]
Covered on the shadowtrack
Last location
Duration since receiving the last location
Hover timestamp, link to google maps
Crash or SOS or no alert
Movement status
Green or red
Moved distance > 80 m in past 5 min or < 80 m or no location received
Deviation status
Green or red
Location with distance from shadowtrack < 100 m or > 100 m
Map link
Show device in the corresponding tracking map
*Device name, reception to the cellular network, battery status, and SOS is provided for devices with tracker management subscription.

Diagrams for deep insights for each device

Interactive graphs & maps for each device to investigate cheating, lost track, or detour situations
Information for each received coordinate
  • Green graph: speed
  • Blue graph: distance from shadowtrack if > 100 m
  • Timestamp
  • Map showing each location
Watch the full introduction of the monitor dashboard