Copilot to keep track of sports events. One dashboard with security information and organization features. Assistance for the race office. Precise live information of what's going on during the event.
Check the monitor dashoboard for the past event 100km-Duathlon:
  • The monitor considers location data within event time.
  • live data from GPS trackers and from tracking app
  • overview over total progress during the event
Number of devices
that reached the finish checkpoint
participant finished
with locations close to shadowtrack
participant still active on the race course
dark grey
all locations more than 100 m distance from shadowtrack
participant did not start, yet
light grey
no locations received
participant did not switch on tracking device, yet
Parameters shown in the monitor for each device:
name of the participant
device type
mobile, tracker, or upload
number of covered checkpoints
from all checkpoints in the event
last location
last timestamp system received a location, depending on refresh rate
online state*
reception to cellular network
GPS fix*
device connected to location satellites
SOS alert*
device sent SOS alert
battery state*
activity indicator
covered distance within last 5 min
lost track indicator
device currently more than 100 m distance from shadowtrack
map link
direct selection of device in tracking map
*for devices in Racemap tracker management
diagrams for each device to investigate sheeting or lost track situations
  • speed
  • distance from shadowtrack
  • map with every single received location
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