Group and stages

Group and stages unite multiple single events in one interactive map.

Group and stages

  • multiple single maps in one visualization

  • each group and each stage event with separate URL

  • each single map within group or within stages with separate URL, also



use case

combine several contests

unite all stages of one event


athlete joins one contest

athlete joins all stages one by another


each contest with different participants

all stages with identical participants


one key working for one contest

one key working for all stages


contests may overlap, single maps active at the same time (normally)

single maps active one by another, not at the same time (normally)

sample event

World Triathlon Abu Dhabi - 3 contests: olympic, sprint, super sprint

DYNAFIT TRAIL RUN3 - 4 stages: bergsprint, homerun nord, homerun süd, trail run imst


The group- or stages map displays the information of the selected event, only:

  • marker of participants,

  • race course,

  • points of interest and

  • duration.

desktop: select the contest or the stage
Racemp App: select the contest or the stage