Other timing system

Apply predictive live tracking with your timing system.

There are two possibilities Racemap receives data from a timekeeping software.

  1. Recommended: The reads (detections) include the reader's location.

  2. The reads don't include locations. The readers' locations have to be set in map settings.

Reads object



Unique ID of the reader

"XF32098" or "_8nx7uoyun"

timingName *

Name of reader in timing software

"5K-split" or "Start II"


Transponder ID

"RRPing_ZDKAR32" or "RRPing_70761" or "HH32098"


Timestamp in UTC when the reader detects the transponder



Latitude of the reader



Longitude of the reader


(*) Optional parameter without impact on processing the reads in Racemap.

timingId without impact on processing the data in Racemap.

POST https://racemap.com/services/trackping/api/v1/timing_input/pings
Content-Type: application/json
api-token: 6J7PDXOO
    "timingId": "XF32098",
    "timingName": "Start",
    "chipId": "HH32097",
    "timestamp": "2023-11-09T16:31:07.248Z",
    "lat": 51.5074,
    "lng": 13.7386
    "timingId": "XF32099",
    "timingName": "Start II",
    "chipId": "HH32098",
    "timestamp": "2023-11-09T16:31:05.248Z",
    "lat": 51.5074,
    "lng": 13.7386
    "timingId": "XF32100",
    "chipId": "HH32099",
    "timestamp": "2023-11-09T16:32:04.248Z",
    "lat": 51.5074,
    "lng": 13.7386
    "timingId": "XF34568",
    "chipId": "HH32099",
    "timestamp": "2023-11-09T16:35:03.248Z",
    "lat": 51.5074,
    "lng": 13.7386
    "timingId": "XF36549",
    "timingName": "Finish",
    "chipId": "HH32099",
    "timestamp": "2023-11-09T16:38:02.248Z",
    "lat": 51.5074,
    "lng": 13.7386


If everything is correct the HTTP code 200 is returned.

Timing API token: We have to create your specific timing API token in your Racemap account. Please contact info@racemap.com.

Set readers' locations (case 2) if reads don't include coordinates): In map settings of your tracking map.

  • Create a new split at the corresponding reader's location. The split represents the location of your reader at the race.

  • Provide the unique timingId in the field "IDs of Timing Systems" of the split. You can add multiple timingId to a split. In case you use multiple readers at the same location.

  • Check "Timekeeping"

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