Other timing system
Apply predictive tracking with your timing system.
Create your event with required contests in your timing software.

Use the TCP/IP exporter of your timing software.
IP-adress/ hostname: racemap.com
already integrated timing system
recommended content of forwarded data
  • unique reader id corresponding to the split id in Racemap eg. _8nx7uoyun
  • transponder ID
  • location of the timing hardware, if available
  • UTC timestamp
9k split with the unique split id _8nx7uoyun
ChronoTrack SimpleClient with inserted unique split id

If your timing system is not integrated yet, get in touch after the following steps.
  1. 1.
    create your Racemap account https://racemap.com/auth/register
  2. 2.
    go to the tracker test https://racemap.com/admin/trackers/test
  3. 3.
    send test data through TCP/IP connection to IP: Port: 5100
  4. 4.
    copy the data from the console at the tracker test
  5. 5.
    send an email to [email protected] with your test data
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