Features of visualization

Interactive map showing relevant information, live. Perfectly adapt the tracking map to your sports event.

Check an interactive event map. The visualization shows the recap of the 100km-Duathlon around Dresden: racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05

Scales to the largest events: The visualization is optimized for mobile devices broadcasting the largest sports events in real-time. E.g. predictive live tracking at München Marathon with 3,000+ participants in one event map racemap.com/player/muenchen-marathon-staffel-marathon-racemap_2019-10-13

Want to feed your own applications with real-time geodata? Use our API for live location data.


Interactive event map with useful information: different tracks & contests, start- & finish zone, and refresh points. Sample recap Dresden Marathon, GPS tracking with Racemap App: racemap.com/player/dresden-marathon-2019_2019-08-30

  • color of tracks and of markers,

  • points of interest with names, emojis or choose a pictogram,

  • contests and stages.

With viewport you can set the initial view of your tracking map spectators will see when loading your map.

  • mapbox style e.g. terrain, satellite, hybrid and dark,

  • longitude and latitude of where the map is centered initially,

  • zoom

  • direction and pitch.

Live, (net)replay & progress on track

  • options to show a comprehensive visualization of the activities of many athletes,

  • live and replay in the same tracking map with one URL

Instant replay during the running event. Spectators skip bag to watch early scenes of the race and go back to live stream. Exciting and useful information is easily accessible for the speaker, event staff, and spectators. Replay the recorded race in fast motion during and after the event.

Click and adjust the replay factor

Net replay visualizes contests with differently starting athletes such as wave start or virtual race. Synchronize the recorded activities to replay all athletes together. Net replay simulates that all participants are together at the same time.

Participants from a two weeks event are synchronized to the start location

Progress on track: Activities from everywhere are pinned to a specific track. That way the markers move on this track, virtually. Spectators understand easily who is heading and participants protect their personal data as their real locations are not visible.

Activities from everywhere (left) displayed on one specific track (right)

Search & select participants

Search and filter in the participant list. Select athletes in the list respectively hovering a dot or marker in the map. Selected participants are highlighted as a flag and the visualization centers automatically.

The tail feature displays the recorded activities of selected participants. The length of the tail represents a duration (separate parameter for each event).

Purple tails for selected participants, check the visualization of Damloop Home Edition with 2,000+ participants: racemap.com/player/dam-tot-damloop-home-edition-10em_2020

Spectators can display the race numbers of all participants in settings (can be set as default in event builder, also).

Sections: info, elevation, flow chart & statistics

Info section with useful information about the event
Interactive elevation chart, race flow and statistics in event map

Live statistics for each participant in race visualization:

  • speed,

  • distance from start,

  • accumulated ascent & decent,

  • distance to go and

  • time to finish (prediction).

Live gap to compare the distance and the time difference of selected participants.

Own location, distance marker, leaderboard etc.

Own location shows the location of your device in the tracking map, which is helpful for spectators and event staff at the race ground. Own location is visible on your device only and is not sent to our server.

Dynamic markers display the distance on the shadowtrack depending on zoom.

If the leaderboard is activated the visualization provides a button to open real-time scoring & results.

If the sponsor logo is activated you can show a square logo and refer to the sponsor's website.

The visualization shows either the duration of the event or the corresponding time of the day

Click on the time display to switch between duration and day time.