Map Features

Racemap Tracking System features interactive Live Maps and Race Stats. Use our Map Features to perfectly adapt your Tracking Map to your Sports Event.

All settings and adjustments for your live map in Racemap backend when creating your tracking map.

Racemap Tracking Map is easy to use for Spectators.

Map Features: Fit your Tracking Map to your Sports Event

Use your social channels (Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, …) to share the tracking map of your contest, e.g. URL of 100km-Duathlon

Live Stream, Recap & Instant Replay

  • Live Stream and Replay in one Tracking Map with the same URL.

  • Instant Replay during the running event - Move the slider to early scenes of the competition, watch the recap and go back to live streaming. Exciting and useful information are easily accessible for your speaker, event staff and spectators.

  • Replay the action of the race in fast motion after the event. Set the replay factor.

Scalable, Clear Visualization

Spectators can set the GPS map to display the race numbers of all participants (can be set as default in backend, also), or show dots only to keep a clear visualization at big events. Spectators can select and highlight specific race numbers through the participant list and when hovering a dot or marker.

Spectators can select showing all Race Numbers in Map Settings.
Select and highlight specific Race Numbers.

Our race visualization is performance optimized to enable you to broadcast even very large events with even more 1000 participants. Eg. predictive live tracking at München Marathon, more than 3000 athletes in one interactive map at the same time

Marker Timeout

Set the duration to let marker disappear when no location update received from tracking app or GPS trackers e.g. in dead zones.

Safety: Using Instant Replay you scroll back to last location update of a specific participant.

Marker vanish within set time, when GPS devices don't send a location update.

Customize your Tracking Map

With a customized tracking map your atheletes and spectators get useful information like different courses and categories, start & finish, transition area, refresh points, … e.g. GPS Tracking of Madrid International Horse Endurance:

  • Color tracks,

  • Color flags,

  • Display points of interest,

  • Insert emojis,

  • Set mapbox styles as default e.g. terrain, satellite, hybrid and night.

Dresden Marathon: Different Colors for three Contests (10k, 21k & 42k) and Points of Interest

Show Own Location

Display your location in the tracking map, for spectators and event staff at the race ground. Own location is visible on your device only and is not forwarded to our server.

With "Show own Location" Spectators identify their Distance & Direction to specific Participants.

Search Field provides the list of all participants, map settings and optional Live Rank.

Small Search Field in your Tracking Map.
Open Participants List through Search Bar.
Search Field filters the Participant List instantly.

Live Rank

Timing link in search bar refers to a list with real-time scoring and results based on GPS data and virtual splits (geo fences).

Spectators access Live Rank of your Contest through Timing Link

Live Stats

The stats are recorded in the tracking map for the recap of the contest. Live Stats to analyze the race:

  • Speed,

  • Distance from Start,

  • Accumulated Ascent & Decent,

  • Distance to Go and

  • Predicted Time to Finish.

Through Racemap export API we can stream our data to feed 3rd party systems e.g. TV broadcasting, instantly calculated distance between participants.

Racemap calculates and shows Race Stats for every Participant.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Chart for selected Participant.


Gap shows the distance and the time difference between selected participants as gross values.

Gap: Distance & Time Difference between selected Athletes.

Duration or Daytime

The map can show the duration of the race or the time of the day, just click on the time display

Duration of the Race
Time of the Day of your local Time Zone

Racemap optional provides space for a sponsor logo which forwards to a landing page of your sponsor. Sell attractive advertising space to your sponsors. Spectators see the sponsor logo on smartphones same as on computers.