Map Features

Racemap to easily create interactive live maps with instant replay and real-time statistics. Features and add-ons to adapt your Tracking Map to your sports event.

Test the interactive event map, the following map shows the recap of 100km-Duathlon:

Sports Map scales to the largest Events

The race visualization is optimized for mobile devices broadcasting the largest sports events in real-time. E.g. predictive live tracking at München Marathon with more than 3,000 participants in one event map

Customize your Event Map

Provide useful information like different tracks and categories, start- & finish zone, transition area and refreshment points, e.g. Dresden Marathon, GPS Tracking with Racemap App:

  • track color,

  • marker color,

  • display points of interest,

  • insert emojis or choose predefined pictograms for points of interest and

  • set mapbox style e.g. terrain, satellite, hybrid and dark.

Dresden Marathon: different colors for three contests (10k, 21k & 42k) and Points of Interest

Live Stream, Recap, Instant Replay & Net Replay - All in the same Map

  • Live & replay in one Tracking Map with the same URL.

  • Instant replay during the running event. Spectators move the slider to early scenes of the competition, watch the recap and go back to live stream. Exciting and useful information are easily accessible for your speaker, event staff and spectators.

  • Replay the action of the race in fast motion after the event.

  • Net replay visualizes contests with differently starting athletes such as wave start or virtual race. Synchronize the recorded activities to replay all athletes together. Net replay simulates that all participants are together at the same time.

Adjust the replay factor
Net replay: All participants synchronized to the start location

Clear Visualization

Spectators can display the race numbers of all participants (can be set as default in your Racemap account, also), or show dots only for clear visualization of big events. Spectators select specific race numbers in the participant list respectively hovering a dot or marker. The map follows selected participants.

Select and highlight specific race numbers. The map follows selected participants.
Spectators set to show all race numbers in map settings.

Show own Location

"Show own Location" displays your location in the Tracking Map, which is helpful for spectators and event staff at the race ground. The own location is visible on your device only and is not sent to our server.

With "Show own Location" spectators can identify their distance & direction to specific participants.

Search Field and Participant List

Search field provides the list of all participants and map settings.
Search and filter the participant list instantly.


With activated Leaderboard (add-on) button to open real-time scoring & results.

Live Stats and Elevation Profile

Real-time calculation of exciting race statics for each participant:

  • speed,

  • distance from start,

  • accumulated ascent & decent,

  • distance to go and

  • time to finish (prediction).

Racemap shows live statistics for selected participants.

You want to use this real-time data in your own applications? Racemap Data Feed (add-on) provides the data for your 3rd party systems such as TV broadcasting, a result list etc.

Comparison of Participants

Gap feature to compare the distance and the time difference of selected participants.
Show a sponsor logo (add-on) in your Tracking Map and refere to the sponsor's website.

Duration or Daytime

The map shows either the duration of the race or the corresponding time of the day

Click on the time display to switch between duration and day time.