Racemap Docs

Racemap Docs guide you using the full Potential of our Live Tracking Solution, Map Features and Management for multiple GPS Tracker. Docs describe Features, Settings and Best Practice.
Replay of 100km-Duathlon: GPS Live-Tracking with Tracking App and with GPS Trackers.

Racemap provides flexible and easy live tracking for your sports events. Racemap offers an optimized tracking solution under one roof - hosted tracking maps, individual backend access, free tracking app and GPS tracker hardware.

  • Live and Mobile Information of your Sports Event

  • Scalable Bandwidth - At the same time up to thousands of participants and ten thousands of spectators.

  • All over the World - Spectators keep track to your competitions on the Internet and on Smartphones. Record your race and replay later.

  • Many Athletes Real-Time - Easy with Racemap Tracking App, with GPS trackers and with predictive race visualization based on timekeeping.

  • Flexible Backend - With your Racemap account you manage your own sports tracking the easy way. Keep the focus on growing your tracking business.

  • Multiple Tracker Management - Remote control for your GPS units, no struggle with SMS commands. bulg configuration, battery stats and SOS alert.