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RACEMAP Docs guide you using the full potential of our live tracking solution, map features & tracker management. Docs describe features, settings & best practice. Get in touch - info@racemap.com.

Replay of 100km-Duathlon: GPS Live-Tracking with Racemap Tracking App and with GPS Trackers.

Racemap provides an easy, flexible and scalable live tracking solution for your sports events:

  • Self service: Manage your own live tracking for multiple events.

  • Track many athletes realtime: Easy with Racemap Tracking App, with GPS trackers and with our prediction model based on data from the timekeeping system.

  • Spectators all over the world keep track to the action of your race on the Internet and on Smartphones. Record your competition and replay later.

  • Live: Visualization in our interactive maps (e.g. https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05/) or stream the data feed through our API for 3rd partie solutions.

  • With tracker management you configure multiple GPS units for your sports events, at once - no struggle with SMS commands.