Tracking Keys and the Passcode

With Tracking Keys or the Passcode, your participants activate Live Tracking in Racemap App easily. You can even automate the sign up process and sell real-time Tracking in the online application.
Redeem a Tracking Key respectively the Passcode in search box of Racemap App
Easy for your Participants: Sign Up for Live Tracking with Tracking Keys or the Passcode

Using Tracking Keys respectively the Passcode

  • assigned to a specific Tracking Map

  • can't be used for a different Tracking Map

  • six characters, upper or lower case is irrelevant

  • in Racemap Tracking App: to be redeemed in search box or as a Key Link

  • a feature - no need to work with Tracking Keys or the Passcode, but makes your & your athletes lives easier.

Spectators don't need a Tracking Key / Passcode to watch the race. Just provide the URL to your Tracking Map respectively Group Map.

Tracking Keys vs. Passcode

Get Passcode in Basic Settings of your Tracking Map
Download Tracking Keys for your Tracking Map
  • opens Racemap App automatically

  • adresses the correct Tracking Map => participants don't need to search your event in the App

  • redeems the Tracking Key or Passcode in the App directly => participants don't need to type the six characters in search box

  • an URL including the Tracking Key / Passcode

Sign up for Live Tracking in Racemap App through Key Link

Test the sign up process right away! Sample event "Easy QR Code Run": Two ways redeeming the passcode 6G615L in Racemap Tracking App, automatically.

QR Code with passcode for testing

Best Practise using Tracking Keys and the Passcode

Tracking Key deployed as QR code on race kit

You are flexible on how to distribute Tracking Keys / Passcode:

  • sell in online application for your event

  • deploy at race ground and provide support to use Live Tracking e.g. at marathon fair

  • give it away for free (Passcode) to prevent spectators from joining Live Tracking

  • as Key Link in confirmation Email for an easy sign up for Live Tracking

  • transfer the dynamic Key Link into a QR Code and print it on race number

Sign Up for Live Tracking in Racemap App with QR code and assigned participant data.

The easiest way for your participants to sign up for Live Tracking. They just scan their QR code and confirm the event, their name and race number (no need to search and select the correct Tracking Map or type name / race number). Therefore Tracking Keys need to be assigned to participants data and the dynamic Key Link is transfered into a QR Code.

Two ways to assign Tracking Keys to participants data: