Keys and passcode
Participants connect Racemap App for live tracking or upload activities with keys or with the passcode. Provide a seamless process and sell real-time tracking in your online registration.
Using keys you can sell live tracking in the online registration for your sports event, directly. Merge participant data (name and bib number) with a specific key and distribute the keys with the registration email.


  • assigned to ONE specific event
  • can't be used for a different event
  • six characters, upper or lower case is irrelevant
usage for event
personalized: each participant uses a different key
each participant uses the same passcode
total activity
accumulate multiple activities
accumulate multiple activities
sum-up activities
with Racemap App and upload recorded activities
with Racemap App
participants upload & sum-up various activities in a virtual race
participants sum-up various activities in a virtual race with Racemap App
participant data
match participant data with key in 3rd party online registration
matching with participant data not possible
additional information
color, start time, finish time...
assign additional information not possible

Connect Racemap App for live tracking

Participants connect Racemap App for live tracking using keys or the passcode, two options
  • manually
  • key link

Redeem key or passcode, manually

Redeem a key respectively the passcode in the search field of Racemap App
Sign-up for live tracking in Racemap App with keys or the passcode
The redeem_key link provides a seamless flow to connect participants' phones with a specific race. The process guides participants automatically independent from
  • User's phone is iOS or Android.
  • Racemap App (or custom app) is installed or not installed.
  • Participant opens the redeem_key link on its smartphone (with QR code) or on desktop.
The solution scales for many participants with a feasible user experience and saves your support time.
  • Racemap App or custom app is not installed: redeem_key link forwards to the AppStore or to GooglePlay respectively to download the tracking app.
  • App is installed: The redeem_key link
    • Opens the app.
    • Addresses the correct event. Participants don't need to find their race, themselves.
    • Redeems key or passcode. Participants don't need to type the six characters of the key.
The redeem_key deep link can be provided as QR code in the confirmation email from the online registration.
Sign-up live tracking in Racemap App with key link
Test sign-up process with Racemap App, "Easy QR Code Run" with passcode 6G615L
Two options of automatically redeeming the passcode 6G615L in Racemap App:

Upload recorded activities using keys

Best practice

Key deployed as QR code on race kit
Distribute keys, flexibly:
  • sell in online registration for your event
  • deploy at race ground and provide support using live tracking eg. at marathon fair
  • key link in the confirmation email for an easy sign-up
  • transfer key links into QR codes and print on bib number
  • match keys with participant data
Sign-up for live tracking in Racemap App with QR code and assigned participant data
Seamless sign-up for live tracking: Participants scan their QR code and confirm the event, name, and race number (no need to finding the correct event and typing name & race number).
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