Update firmware of GPS tracker

Remote firmware update of Queclink GL3xx devices with the tracker dashboard

  • Add the GPS devices to the tracker management

Add GPS trackers
  • Turn devices on

  • The below custom command triggers four times to update the hosted firmware.

Send commands

hosted FW: R01A11V14

  • Updating the firmware does not reset the previous configuration.

  • Updating the firmware can be done while charging devices.

  • You might send the custom command AT+GTUPD multiple times as devices might fail to complete downloading the firmware.

  • Devices automatically reboot after installing the new firmware, which you observe by flashing LEDs. GL320M and GL310M flash with blue LED, GL300M does not noticeably flash with blue LED.

  • Devices remain turned on and will try to reconnect with the tracker management.

  • The firmware version in the tracker management is automatically updated. Verify the tracker info.

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