Configure GPS tracker

Initially set up your GPS devices for live tracking in Racemap sports tracking platform.

You can purchase GPS trackers directly from Racemap at We provide the GPS units ready-to-use with m2m SIM cards and the latest firmware and configurations. Alternatively, you can buy devices independently and use your preferred SIM cards. In that case, you configure the trackers on your own.

This section covers Queclink GL3xx series and LK106 trackers provided by us. For the other supported devices consult your supplier for the necessary commands for initial configuration. Check the list of supported devices.

Communication with Racemap server of GPS devices supporting DNS:

  • domain

  • port 5000

All other GPS devices

  • ip

  • port 5000

There are two ways to configure GPS devices.

1. Remote configuration for multiple devices at once with automation and scaling potential.

Remote configuration

2. Physical configuration of devices one by one with a computer through a cable.

Physical configuration

After successful configuration, the devices are ready to establish a TCP connection with Racemap and you can communicate remotely through the tracker management eg. to send commands.

Tracker management

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