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Configure GPS tracker

Set up your GPS devices for live tracking with Racemap.
You can buy GPS trackers directly from Racemap at In this case, devices come ready to use with our m2m SIM cards and configurations.
Alternatively, purchase devices independently and use your preferred SIM cards. This section guides you in the efficient initial configuration of a large number of devices for live tracking in Racemap. We recommend utilizing bulk SMS sending from your SIM platform.
  • Insert your SIM cards.
  • Turn on the devices.
  • Place devices outdoors for mobile coverage.
  • Wait 10 minutes and proceed with steps A to D respectively with steps B to D.

A) SMS - Set device password

If the device password is gl320m, gl310m, or gl300 corresponding to the device type, proceed to step B.
If the previous owner changed the password, set the required password. To set a new password, you need to know the <old_password>. Send the command via SMS.

B) SMS - Set APN of SIM provider, address Racemap server

ip port 5000
Send the command via SMS to set the APN of your SIM provider (replace <your_APN>) and Racemap server.
If the APN access of your SIM provider requires a user and a password use the below command and replace <APN_user> and <APN_password>.

C) Upload devices to Tracker Management

With step(s) (A to) B the devices are configured for the communication with Racemap server. Read how to add the devices to the Tracker Management for further messaging

D) Load configuration for your devices

Select the devices, choose "Update Settings" message, and paste the required URL to load the initial configuration file.

Options for configuration of devices

Address Racemap server

Device type
SMS command to set IP and port for Racemap server
queclink GL300 or GL310
adminip<password> 5000
Replace <password> with the password of your devices. Default passwords for GL300 (gl300), GL310 (gl310m), and for LK106 (123456).

Set up your own SIM cards for LK106

Insert a SIM card into LK106 GPS tracker
  • Insert your SIM card.
  • Turn on the GPS tracker.
  • Place the device outdoors for mobile coverage.
  • After 5 minutes send SMS commands, replace <your_APN>, <APN_user>, and <APN_password> corresponding to your SIM provider
SMS Command
set APN
apn123456 <your_APN>
set user, if available
apnuser123456 <APN_user>
set password, if available
apnpasswd123456 <APN_password>
  • Insert your SIM card.
  • Turn on the GPS tracker.
  • Connect the configuration cable to a COM port. Enabled USB of your PC.
  • Connect the configuration cable to the device.
  • Open the queclink GL3xx manage tool.
Download and install the queclink manage tool in order to set up your device with a data cable.
select you COM port and click "Try to connect"
Read All from device >> Server Connection >> Bearer Setting Information
  • insert your APN information required: APN for LTE and GPRS, normally both same optional: user name and password
  • "Send" the command to your tracker.
  • Click "COM Wizard" to continue with the next device.