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Upload GPX, KML and TCX files to submit individually recorded activities from any fitness tracker.

upload activity:

Athletes using a sports tracker or wearables such as Garmin, Polar, Suunto can submit activities to an event and import their individually recorded geolocation data. Supported formats are GPX, KML and TCX. The activity is visible in the replay of the tracking map and in the leaderboard, afterward.

  • Participants redeem the passcode or a key to addressing their activity to a specific event.

    • Key to upload multiple activities and accumulate a total activity.

    • Passcode to upload one activity and generate a new entry.

  • Format of upload URL with passcode or with key With the passcode 6G615L the corresponding link is

  • Timestamps of imported activity must be within start- & end time of the event. Data outside of the time frame is excluded.

  • Speed filter: If the speed is too high - like 60 km/h for a running event - these geolocations are ignored in the leaderboard. If a participant forgets to stop recording the activity while going by car, this segment is ignored, automatically.

Test event for uploading activities: "Easy QR Code Run" with passcode 6G615L

Add individual parameters startNumber and name for each participant in the address That way participants don't have to type their name and bib number when uploading activities. Sample

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