Import and synchronize participants using RACE|RESULT Simple API.
Past the RACE RESULT event ID or the URL of the Racemap access file. The API checks the access and provides feedback. Select the contests to sync specific participants.
Sync participants from RACE RESULT with the event Id or the access file

Settings in RACE|RESULT Simple API and User defined fields

Main Window, Simple API, select Racemap access. Use the custom field to flexibly import colors, keys, the IMEI numbers of your GPS trackers, and tags to filter participants in Racemap tracking map.
Transponder1 field with TransponderInChipFile for using active transponders
Transponder1 field with Bib for using passive transponders
Participants Data, Additional Fields
Participants Data, User Defined Fields - for keys, color, IMEIs of your GPS units and filter tags
RACE|RESULT import file of above sample:

Import and visibility

Simple API must provide the parameters:
  • Id
  • Contest
If one parameter is missing the participant won't be pulled to Racemap.
  • Id must be unique within each contest
  • UTC format of Start and Finish: ISO 8601
  • Age, Sex, Club and Nationality inserted as tags into Racemap participant list
  • Transponder1 and Transponder2 with transponder Id
    • Option 1: insert Chip-Codes to every participant: fill in “Transponder1” in field "Transponder1" (default)
    • Option 2: match participants with chipfile: fill in "TransponderInChipFile" in field "Transponder1"
Visibility - parameters of Simple API displayed in tracking map
  • RaceNr
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Color of flags respectively of dots
  • Status, Age, Sex, Club and Nationality as filter tags
Age, Sex, Club and Nationality from RACE|RESULT import as filter tags in the tracking map
Colors from RACE|RESULT import
Activate Predictive Tracking in your Racemap event to show participants with transponderId (and not with IMEI or AppId).

Best-practice samples

Multi-stage events

Multi-stage events with only one participant file in RACE|RESULT: To prevent overwriting start- and finish reads in finished stages with data from the running stage, remove the synchronization in finished stages eg. delete the contest in the API.

Cut-off time detected at checkpoint

before cut-off time
after cut-off time
Participants reach the checkpoint before the cut-off time and continue on the white course.
Participants reach the checkpoint after the cut-off time and continue on the black course (or finish at this checkpoint or ...).
RACE|RESULT settings with three contests - grey, white and black:
  • User defined field for sorting participants during the event from grey contest to white or to black depending on detections at the checkpoint.
  • Insert this field in the "contest"-field of the Racemap Acces.
until cut-off time
all participants
no participant
no participant
from cut-off time
no participant
participants with detection at checkpoint
participants without detection at checkpoint
Racemap settings:
  • create a tracking map with the white course (shadowtrack) and synchronize participants from grey and white contests
  • create another map with the black course and synchronize participants from grey and black contests
  • create a group and add the white map
Description of the process:
  • From the start, all participants are calculated on the white- and on the black shadowtrack. That means each participant is shown twice - in the white and the black map.
  • At the cut-off time the participants in the white (black) contest are synchronized with the white (black) map. That means each participant is visible in either the white or the black map.
  • Now, add the black map to the group map. That way spectators continue streaming the same group with the new sorting of participants.
To select a contest in the RACE|RESULT import at least one participant needs to be assigned to this contest. That means at the beginning you need to add one participant in the white and the black contest. This one participant does not need to have a transponder Id.

Integrate keys in RACE|RESULT online registration

Assign keys to participants: Main Window » Participants Data » User Defined Fields
User Defined Fields: insert keys and join one key with every participant
field "TrackingKey":
switch([Bib]>0 AND [Bib]<=500;[TrackingKey_1];
[Bib]>500 AND [Bib]<=1000;[TrackingKey_2]; ... ;
[Bib]>xxxx AND [Bib]<=xxxx;[TrackingKey_n]);"")
field "TrackingKey_1":
  • up to 500 keys fit into one user defined field
  • for more participants set up a 2nd field "TrackingKey_2"
  • insert keys in this format choose([Bib];"xxxxxx";"xxxxxx";"xxxxxx")
  • Main Window » Participants Data » Additional Fields
  • add checkbox field such as "Agree to live tracking"
Checkbox to let participants agree live tracking
User Defined Fields: insert keys and link to checkbox
field "TrackingKey":
if([AYN1]=1;switch([Bib]>0 AND [Bib]<=500;[TrackingKey_1];
[Bib]>500 AND [Bib]<=1000;[TrackingKey_2]; ... ;
[Bib]>xxxx AND [Bib]<=xxxx;[TrackingKey_n]);""))
if([AYN1]=1-function: whether participant checked Live Tracking ("AYN1" - "Additional Yes/No Field" 1 - "Agree to Live-Tracking") if yes: one Tracking Key is assigned to the participant

Color dependencies

With the color parameter, you define specific colors for the markers in your tracking map.
  • color to be defined as color hex code
  • Main Window » Participant Data » User Defined Fields
different marker colors in the map, list and elevation profile, colors for gender, contest, ...
Color depending on gender
set the color of the marker in the tracking map depending in the gender
"translate"-function: set the first color ("#F2F2F2") for female and the second color ("#000000") for male
Color depending on contest
"switch"-function. In this example there are two contests ("Contest1" and "Contest2"). With "ContestName" in [brackets] you get the contest name. If ContestName of a participant is equal to "Contest1" the color is "#F2F2F2". If ContestName is equal to "Contest2" the color will be "#04B404".