Tab Map

In Map you upload and draw information about your event you want to display in the front end mostly for your spectators eg. race track, points of interest, transition zone, parking etc.

Drag and drop different race courses and customize colors and titles of each line. You can also draw your own race cources with the line tool. Set markers for special points like start, finish, transition zone or foto point.

  • upload event track as *.gpx, *.kml or *.geojson file or draw the track with the linestring tool

  • line tool:

    • click on the line symbol to start drawing way points

    • click again on the last way point to finish drawing the line

    • with clicking between two way points you generate an additional dot

  • set the color of your track / line

  • place points of interest in your map - use emojis like 💧 for a water station