Introducing Racemap App

Easy-to-use tracking App for sports events. One solution for spectators & for participants. No registration. One App deploys multiple competitions.
Easy user interface - spectators watch the live visualization and participants sign up for live tracking

Users as participants, spectators and organization staff download Racemap App for free. Just have a look into Racemap App.

Easy Preparation

  • Test live tracking before your race. The tracking map you are signed up supports live tracking already. Just test it at home or where ever you are, so it works well at the race.

  • Stow smartphone properly. The antenna of your tracking device must be uncovered: at the upper arm, in a tricot pocket, backpack lid pocket.

  • Extend the battery life of your smartphone.

  • Inform your family and friends to watch your race. Share the link of your tracking map.

  • Start live tracking 10 minutes before the start your event.

Battery Life

Tracking effects battery life of your smartphone. For live tracking Racemap App works with a report interval of 10 sec. It is possible to perform more than 15 hours of live tracking with our App. Battery life depends on your device, the battery and your usage behavior. To increase the battery life of your smartphone for live tracking:

  • Charge your phone.

  • Restart your phone.

  • Stop all apps you do not need.

  • Use an external battery or powerbank for long events.