Tracker management
Work fast, efficient and accurate with many GPS-Trackers. Provides features to easily manage many GPS-Trackers at once.

Use the form fields by selecting the type of tracker, fill in a free name (optional) and insert the ID of the tracker which is normally the IMEI.

For adding multiple trackers use a .csv file via drag and drop into your tracker management. See a sample file and the structure below.
Racemap ID (optional),tracker_id (IMEI),tracker_name,device_type
5bbb172e01675d16115a7508,860297002626525,RBP - GL300 - 2001,GT560

The list of trackers is sortable at each parameter with a click on the header and can be filtered after Status (online/offline), SOS, Tracker-Typ, Batterie and Property. Find the last position of a tracker with a click on a tracker in the map on the right.

Remote commands from the tracker management will be sent as a response to a message of a tracker. It is recommended to keep the tracker online to send remote commands otherwise they will be stored until the tracker is online next time.

With the black free field (3) at each tracker the user can send free commands to adjust the settings of the tracker.

The default commands provide a list of with most important commands to adjust the settings of the LK106 and the GL300 (named with GT560).

With the Tracker section of your Racemap account you can easily and quick add GPS trackers to one of your upcoming tracking maps. You don't need to type the emei of your devices. Save your time and prevent mistakes.
  • Select multiple GPS trackers in your tracker management.
  • Use "+" button to add the selected devices to one of your upcoming events through a search field.
  • Refresh the "participants"-tab of your tracking map. The trackers are now appended to your event.

You can rent your GPS trackers to an other user within Racemap. That way your trackers are (temporary) accessable through one others tracker management.
Define Access for a Single Tracker
  • open the panel for the tracker you ant to share
  • open tab "Add user"
  • set the role you allow the user accessing your tracker (borrower, editor, owner)
  • search the specific Racemap user
  • for borrower you have to set the start- and end date of rental period
Bulk Tracker Access
  • Select GPS trackers you want to share,
  • new buttons for bulg editing appear above your tracker list
  • click human button
Dialogue to set access for many GPS trackers

Monitor SOS alert in your Tracker Management
For the configurable button at the GL300 and the SOS button we integrated the safety alert into tracker management and enables you monitoring the safety of the participants in your event. If you clarify the situation you can revoke the SOS signal by clicking on the red SOS and confirm with a click on "revoke".
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