Basic Map Features

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You can use all map features to perfectly adapt the tracking map to your sports event.

How easy Spectators use Racemap Tracking Map.

Map Features: Fit your Tracking Map to your Sports Event

  • Specific Link to your Tracking Map – Use your social channels (Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, …) to share the tracking map of your contest, e.g. URL of 100km-Duathlon

  • Live Stream and Recap in one Tracking Map with the same URL.

  • Replay the action of the race in fast motion after the event.

  • Instant Replay during the running event - Move the slider to early scenes of the race, watch the recap and go back to live mode. Provide exciting and helpful information to the speaker, to spectators all over the world and to your event staff.

  • Scales automatically from S to XXL Events – With more than 10 devices applied in your tracking map, our visualization shows dots. Dots keep your live tracking clear even at big events. You can select and highlight specific race numbers in the participant list and when hovering a dot. And you can display all race numbers in the settings.

Select and highlight specific Race Numbers.
Show all Race Numbers in Map Settings.
  • Customize your Tracking Map – Use different color tracks, flags, display points of interest and insert emojis. Set different map layouts as default e.g. terrain, satellite, hybrid and night provided through mapbox. Spectators get more useful information in your Racemap like different routes and categories, start- finish-area, transition area, refresh points, … e.g. GPS Tracking of Madrid International Horse Endurance:

Three Contests (10k, 21k and 42k) in one Tracking Map of Dresden Marathon
  • Show own Position – Displays your location in the tracking map, for spectators and organization staff at the race ground. Your location is visible on your device only.

With "Show own Position" Feature Spectators know their Distance and Direction to specific Participants
  • Search Field provides List of Participants and various map options

Small Search Field in your Tracking Map.
List of all Participants in the Search Field
Search Field filters the List of all Participants.
Settings for Tracking Map
  • Live Rank activate a link in the search field of your Racemap to show results and ranking based on GPS data

Reach the Live Rank of your Contest from your Tracking Map
  • Quick Stats to analyze the race: speed, distance -, ascent - and decent from start and distance to go for every participant

  • Gap Feature shows the distance and the time difference between selected participants.

Gap: Distance and Time Difference between selected Participants.
  • GPX Download of race file of selected participant using cloud symbol

  • Daytime vs. Duration of the Race, just click

  • Sponsor Logo – Sell advertising space to your sponsors. Racemap provides space for a sponsor logo which forwards to the page of the sponsor.