Live Rank & GPS Timing

Provide your Leaderboard live online. Easy real-time Scoring, Ranking & Results based on GPS Tracking

Enable GPS timing in the shadowtrack tab:

Description of Racemap GPS Timing

GPS Results with Live Rank, List is sortable and you set virtual Splits in Backend.
  • The list is sortable by each column.

  • GPS timing list is updated automatically every 10 sec

  • GPS timing uses locations from GPS trackers same as from our tracking app - no additional timing hardware needed.

  • The calculation of the Live Rank is based on the current average speed along the shadowtrack.

  • When GPS device passes a virtual split (geo fence) within 50 m distance from the shadowtrack, the time difference to the start split is calculated. That means the list provides netto results.

Access Racemap GPS Result List

There are two ways to access the GPS result list:

  • Click the clock pictogram in search bar of tracking map

  • Use the unique URL

Spectators access GPS results directly in search bar of the tracking map through the timing link.

The Clock Pictogram refers to the Live Rank of your Contest.

You also reach the result list through a unique URL.


Best Practice for GPS Timing

If participants wait several minutes before starting the race and if their GPS device sends locations which belong to the "Start" geo fence, in that case GPS Timing is triggered too early and will calculate a long duration. The same szenario happens with "Finish" detections in the finish area.

To prevend those unintentional start- and finish detections just move the virtual start timekeeping 100 m along the shadowtrack (= 100 m behind real start point) and the finish timekeeping 100 m against the shadowtrack (= 100 m before the actual finish).

Accuracy of GPS Timing

We made a comparison of GPS timing against a professional timing solution during the 100km-Duathlon:

The comparison of our GPS timing solution against a timing system shows

  • GPS timing provides results with low budget and low effort, no additional hardware needed

  • Same sequence of the scoring with GPS timing and with professional timing solution

  • Possible accuracy of 1 min, depending on tracking interval of GPS device